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Merry Christmas!!!

There will be several airings of Harmony Road's Christmas special hosted by Les Butler with Canaan's Crossing, John Bowman (formerly of the Boxcars, Alison Krauss, Doyle Lawson and Isaacs), Randy and Sheri Miller and others.  Look for it on Heartland Network, Walk TV, NRB Network and other networks and cable systems. 

"Words I Would Say" is our new radio release.  We hope you hear it soon!

Powergrass Radio has been promoting Bluegrass Gospel through their online radio station since 2003.  We are honored to be their 2014 Group of the Year.  Check them out

The 2015 SPBGMA nomination ballot is now online at .  You were so kind to give us several nominations in 2014.  Thanks for your consideration in the current awards nominations.

Check out this You Tube link made by Arrow Concepts: 

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If you are a retail store and want to carry our music at your location, contact Song Garden Music Group or you can call us at 256-506-7667.

Click here to view information and purchase any of our 6 releases including our latest project "Words", released by Song Garden Music Group in Nashville.

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Recent Reviews

Beautifully Broken -Song Garden
Bluegrass Gospel
2010 Song Garden Release
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Beautifully Broken
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Side by Side -Song Garden
Bluegrass Gospel
Song Garden Release
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My Lord Delivered Me MP3
3 Men on a Mountain  MP3
I'LL Tell It Wherever I Go MP3
Do You Know The Father Son and Holy Ghost? MP3
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Click here for a complete list of song titles.
There's No Other Way - Dove Nominated

Our First Bluegrass Gospel CD was nominated for a Dove Award in 2004.

Click here for a list of song titles available on this independent project. 


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At Home - our second independent project
CD Information
Our second Bluegrass Gospel independent project released in 2004

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Canaan's Crossing self titled
Our Second Song Garden CD Released July 2008

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Our latest CD, "Words," encompasses Traditional and Progressive Bluegrass with hints of Contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel to form a unique vocal blend with a hard driving edge

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